VALUEADDITIONS Sales and Marketing Pvt. Ltd (VALUEADDITIONS) is primarily a Sales Augmentation Company that has extensive sales systems and market reach.

It is an Associate company of Enterprise Business Technologies Pvt. Ltd – EBT and a part of the Esaya Group.

As a preferred Database & Leads Generator for premier Domestic and International Companies, VALUEADDITIONS has been an integral part of the Sales process of large organizations ranging from global Fortune 500 companies to India Top 500 companies.

We have also effectively enhanced the sales effectiveness and market penetration of several younger companies including start-ups from varied domains encompassing Telecom Expense Management, Industrial Equipment, IT Services, Corporate Services, Marketing Services Environmental and NGO Services.

We have also been appointed as the Nodal Sales Agency for the premier SEBI approved rating agency-Brickwork Ratings India

Our vast database and focused top-down demand generation initiatives have amply validated our business model and belief in a systematic sales process which can be an effective and optimized sales strategy for various of our clients.

An “Employee& Associate-First” Company, we have a stated HR mission for a fatigue-free and positive work environment.

At VALUEADDITIONS career opportunities include growth and evolution in the areas and life-cycles of Sales, Marketing, Research, Consulting and Training.

Our Leadership Team

Suresh Menon

With 25 years of experience in Sales ,Marketing in India and Abroad he has been the CEO at Princeton Software and Digital Factors prior to joining the management team at ESAYA Group which includes VALUEADDITIONS Sales & Marketing Pvt. Ltd (Sales & Marketing Consulting) and Enterprise Business Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Business Consulting –ERP & Analytics).

Systematic Lead Generation and Sales Augmentation enables and motivates the sales team while reducing sales costs

Through VA he propounds the belief that sales process is as systematic and as logical as it gets.

Parag Gandhi

With 30 years of experience in Finance, Corporate Restructuring, Business Theories and Business Plan Execution he epitomizes the essence that corporate success is based on systematic, urgent and pragmatic implementation of Business plans and goals.

Realtime adaptation to business needs invigorates the process of achieving goals & organization growth is the tenet he adheres to.

He ensures that VA is on track with set parameters of inclusive yet rapid growth.