VALUEADDITIONS Sales and Marketing Pvt. Ltd (VA)

The Sales Augmentation Company which is a true ally of your sales team in the B2B space. We are focused on creating Qualified meetings/ Qualified leads for you/ your sales team.

As Sales Augmentation company VA provides services in the areas of:

Inside Sales

    • • Campaign Planning
    • Planning of segment best suited for your business
    • Collection of market information based on segment
    • Deriving an idealistic no’s of data required for campaign success
    • Building database for campaign based on parameters drafted
    • Planning the marketing script
    • Callout /emails to generate interest in product/ services leading to Meetings/leads
    • Tracking of leads/meetings done

    • • Database Qualification
    • Raw Data Identification collection for specific campaign activities
          • Internet
          • Industry specific associations
          • Trade Directories
          • Purchased databases
          • Market survey
    • Filtering of Raw Data to validate and qualify based on critical parameters for campaign
          • Calling of organization to validate information such as ( Contac person,  Designation,
            Email ids, Contact nos, Size of organization, segment of  operation etc.)

    • • Lead Generation         

    • Filtering of qualified data from database generated
    • Sending initial emails with product details, organization info
    • Calling specific organization and designated people to enquire receipt of mailers
    • Providing them info of the product / services
    • Fixing meeting slots with customers for sales representatives to meet
    • Tracking of the leads to closure

    • • Sales Support         

    • Professional and targeted proposal preparation
    • Leave behind collaterals
    • Impactful sales tools

    • • Inbound Call Capture        

    • Focused and knowledgable handling of incoming calls
    • Calls to leads conversion and follow up for qualification

Surround Sales

    • • Sales Research
    • The market is there..but is the market ready for your product/service?
    •     Our sales research positions you bang on.

    • • Sales Training        

    • Sales persons require consistent motivation and skills orientation.
    •     Our trainings and workshops ensures both.